Freedom School II: ABUNDANCE II, TP 1.1

Collage with Linoleum Block Elements and Screenprint elements on Cotton Rag Paper
30 x 22.5 inches

This captivating suite of prints celebrates many of the values and beliefs that inform my activism. The collection was inspired by a collaboration with Radiant Strategies, a boutique practice rooted in equity, human flourishing, and joy, that aims to change the world of philanthropy. Together, we're shaping a realm of change within the philanthropic landscape. I am not only an artist, I am also a cultural strategist and public speaker that presents to various philanthropic groups through my role as the President of the Center for Cultural Power. I frequently engage in candid dialogues about the pivotal necessity of directing resources toward BIPOC-led organizations in the arts and culture realm.

In collaboration with Radiant Strategies, I opened the doors of my studio in June 2023 to host a gathering of women donors. Our mission wasn't solely to explore the influential role of culture in shaping perspectives, but also to offer an intimate glimpse into my artistic process - a blend of collaging and chine collé. To encapsulate the essence of the Freedom School's guiding principles, I crafted a captivating suite of prints, each composition embodying the heart and soul of this journey.

The principles reflected in the works included: Freedom, Values, Power, Beyond Empathy, Courage, Accountability, Transformation, Abundance and Community.

Each collage features elements from nature to expand on the meaning of each of these words. The combined works show a beautiful kaleidoscope of how we may reimagine our world and move towards justice.

A special thank you to Hali Lee, a friend and mentor, who asked me to partner with her on this ambitious project.

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