Heartbeat City EV 11/17

Hand Printed Multiples & Editions
Relief and Monoprint (Varied Edition) on Masa & Gampi Paper
53 x 39.5 inches

This print is a self portrait of myself, the artist. I am the figure on the left , looking to myself for answers and learning how to trust myself. I consult with my inner consciousness and intuition, depicted by the figure on the right. The smaller figure also represents my offspring, which is a metaphor for my art. Since my teens, I never felt the urge to reproduce biologically. Instead, I wanted to pour my love into my creation. Through my role as a creator, I am continuously birthing new ideas, new objects and nourishing my practice of expression.

This piece is named after one of my favorite songs by the 80's band, The Cars. This monotype is part of an Edition Varie of 17 prints. The color variation in each print was created by rearranging my acetate shapes and combining them with manipulation of the ink rollers. The prints were printed and editioned at Syracuse University's Lake Editions.

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