Keep Me Moist

Hand Printed Multiples & Editions
Linoblock print on french paper.
17 x 11 inches

is a limited edition linoleum block print about my relationship to plants and my commitment to a life full of pleasure and sexual joy. Starting in 2018, I doubled down on my own healing and a big discovery for me was recognizing that I used to play a “rescuer” role and would often try to fix or rescue my lovers and loved ones, taking on their problems as my own. And that constantly put me in a position of not getting my needs met, because I was too busy meeting the needs of others.

But I have since transformed, and I now focus my energy on plants and on other species, fulfilling my deep desire to care for other life. At the time of writing this, I am not called to reproduce a human but I do have mama energy, so I mother other species. Putting my love and energy into my 200+ plants has deeply benefited my mind and body. By maintaining a regenerative relationship with my green siblings, I can then recycle that energy back into myself in the form of self pleasure.

This print is about taking full responsibility for my joy and for keeping my mind, body and plants moist

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