Release 2020

14 x 11 inches

This new limited edition screenprint is about transforming and releasing old patterns that no longer serve us, to make room for new possibilities and growth. This piece is inspired by my own experiences as I enter the fourth decade of my life. I’m deeply focused on my personal development so that I can reach my highest self and break free from old narrative that were part of my survival. Healing from personal and generational trauma requires time, attention, commitment, and deep work. It requires examining our childhood wounds and mothering ourselves in order to cultivate a space for renewal and evolution. Yet it is also rewarding work, and it ultimately sets us up to be truly free and liberated from old narratives that were imposed upon us through our family, culture, or society. Particularly for women of color, the dominant narratives about us can be particularly damaging and require focus in order to be undone. In this piece, the figure is in a state of contemplation. Emerging from between the person’s legs is a powerful electric energy. I believe that a lot of my own healing energy comes from me connecting with my body, connecting with my sexual power, and grounding myself in nature’s intelligence.

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