The Revolution Will Be Joyful

Hand Printed Multiples & Editions
Two Layer Linoleum Block Print on French Paper
17 x 12 inches

It brings me great joy to create art and organize to help end a system of domination that has destroyed, pillaged and exploited for 500 years. This country is built on stolen land with stolen labor. I’m committed to being an artist and activist for the liberation of BIPOC communities, and for the liberation of the natural world. This print represents a crucial value of mine - that joy and pleasure must be core to freedom work. To be free means to have bodily autonomy, to have the right to live in our bodies free from violence, abuse, or forced productivity. Racialized capitalism has reduced bodies to commodities and convinces us that we are on this planet to work. But that’s a myth. My work around pleasure, orgasm, gardening and food is how I undo these harmful messages and tell the system to fuck off.

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