The Reintroduction of the Big Horn Sheep III

Collage with Screenprint and Monoprint Elements on Hanji
25 x 36.25 inches

This print celebrates the Big Horn Sheep (also known as mountain sheep), a species that was re-introduced by the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe after nearly 100 years! In 2020, the Paiutes reintroduced a flock of bighorn sheep on their tribal land that was once a part of the sheep’s historic habitat.

“The Mountains of Southern Nevada are considered sacred lands to the Southern Paiute Nuwu, where great legends were said to have begun and ended and where our hearts belong to this land. One of our most sacred animals is the Nah’gah (mountain sheep). Legend tells us that they stepped forward to sacrifice their lives so we could survive when times were tough and food was scarce. They were one of the main food sources for the Nuwu. They are our protectors who watch over us through sickness, droughts and the beauty of song they have gifted us through their power and energy. The Nah’gah held great powers and were sought after by the medicine men seeking their Puha (power). It is said the mountain (Mormon Mountain) gave birth to the Nah’gah. She is a living being and has great powers due to her creation of the Nah’gah.” - Greg Anderson, Moapa Band of Paiutes Chairman (2018)

I was inspired to create a piece about the Big Horn Sheep as a part of a project for the Burning Man festival in 2023. I was commissioned by the Burning Man organization to create art for the Man Pavillion, which is the center of the entire gathering. The theme that year was ANIMALIA.

For the project, I conducted research about the various species in the Black Rock Desert region that were facing extinction or habitat loss. My goal in creating this art was to raise awareness about this sacred desert creature and to honor the powerful work of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe.

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