Favi’s Plant Babies 4

Collage with Linoleum Block Elements on Cotton Rag Paper
22.375 x 15 inches

This collage is part of a print collection honoring the many plant babies that I nurture and care for. By growing many species of plants in my home, I am able to connect to the power and the wisdom of nature's intelligence, and that creates a window for me to also be in touch with my ancestors in an embodied way.

Growing plants for me is a continuation of my ancestral stewardship of plants that my father passed on to me when he was alive. Growing plants is a way for me to disrupt and resist the oppressive, polluted concrete jungle that I was forced to grow up in, and repair my relationship to the living world.

These works celebrate the plants in my life, acknowledging their wisdom and the way they have transformed my life.

For this series, I created soft, round, playful shapes to personify each of my “plantcestors.” The shapes of the plants and vases are cut out from linoleum block patterns made from my drawings. Each still life captures a different essence in my home.

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